MicroAward Program


MicroAward Pilot Program 

Rapid and frequent advances in fiber materials (“Moore’s law for fibers”) and fabric manufacturing processes enable, for the first-time, fabrics with sophisticated technological capabilities. AFFOA is pleased to announce a new MicroAward pilot program designed for engaging member organizations in prototyping projects. The current focus relates to incorporating fibers with advanced capabilities produced by AFFOA into a variety of forms such as yarns, fabrics, composites using conventional industrial equipment and processes. These projects will support rapid iteration in product design and development, AFFOA roadmap execution, manufacturing readiness and scale, and will develop educational tools and the workforce. The MicroAward program aligns with AFFOA’s technology development cycle (90 days or less) and is designed to increase the swift turnaround of agreements and execution. Through working together on the fabric revolution, AFFOA and its members will transform the fabrics industry.


A MicroAward is a short duration contract with a Statement of Work for near-term deliverables to reach a defined milestone or objective. MicroAwards may serve different purposes including development, manufacturing, and education. Initially, awards will focus on advancing manufacturing readiness levels (MRL) 4-7 and are typically fixed price. They will leverage your organizations current capabilities to advance the state of advanced fibers and fabrics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, yarn formation, textile assembly, advanced coatings, systems integration, manufacturing scaling, and testing.


All applicants must be members of AFFOA and must have a completed capability page on AFFOA’s Member Portal that reflects their relevant interests and expertise. Follow-on activities as a result of an award must be consistent with AFFOA’s “Made in America” policy.


AFFOA will launch approximately 15-30 Micro Award opportunities throughout the year. The process includes:

  1. Update – Review and update your capability page on the Member Portal with information relevant to the MicroAward opportunity.
  2. Apply & Review – Submit your application by answering a few short questions and including an initial Statement of Work (SOW). AFFOA will then reach out to applicant to understand the applicant’s technical approach and capabilities.
  3. Notify & Solicit – AFFOA will notify applicants if they are selected to move to the contracting phase. Applicants will then submit a refined SOW with a fixed price, including cost share, and exceptions to any terms and conditions.
  4. Evaluate & Select – AFFOA will evaluate and select SOWs based on technical merit, including the proposed technical approach, technical capability, experience of team members, price, and cost share.
  5. Award & Execute – Within 2 weeks of the selection decision, AFFOA will issue a Purchase Order under its Prime Award. The awardee will then begin execution and create a MicroAward project page to report on progress, as well as accomplishments.


The amount of a MicroAward will vary based on the work scope and period of performance. All MicroAwards are expected to include cost share match to the federal investment through cash or in-kind services, which directly benefit the identified project.