PPE Testing Resources

PPE Testing Resources


Last Updated: 10-30-2020

AFFOA is leading a centralized collaboration to rapidly characterize and analyze materials and products critical for combating the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, to support the Massachusetts Manufacturing Emergency Response Team (M-ERT) initiative as well as additional similar national efforts.

We have partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT Lincoln Laboratory, University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) and the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command-Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) to characterize materials and hardware using existing and newly procured equipment located at the participating institutions.

Our goals:

  1. Coordination of testing efforts to ensure access to rapid testing for hospitals, first responders, government institutions, commercial product and material manufacturers, academic initiatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. 
  2. Evaluation of internationally sourced products with regulatory designation (e.g. KN95, FFP2) to inform procurement and distribution efforts at the National, State and hospital levels.
  3. Testing and analyzing key performance metrics to inform ongoing R&D efforts on product sterilization and re-use.
  4. Rapid performance analysis of regulated raw materials and product prototypes proposed by new and existing manufacturers of PPE, to catalyze the pathway for appropriate regulatory certification through NIOSH and FDA. 
  5. Rapid performance characteristic analysis of novel filtration media being evaluated by organizations and manufacturing partnerships with innovative solutions and organizations with strong clinical expertise.

If you are interested in testing/analyzing your materials and products, please fill out the following c and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible:



We are working on adding additional capabilities according to product demand and shortages identified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Massachusetts’ hospitals.


THESE TESTS DO NOT PROVIDE CERTIFICATION OR PRE-CERTIFICATION. When possible, the required, standardized instrumentation is used to perform the testing procedures. However, some organizations use custom built instruments and perform analysis as close as possible to the guidelines in ASTM, NIOSH and AATCC standards. 

We provide our testing results in an interpretable readable format for recipients.  Please be advised that AFFOA is not a certified test facility and therefore it is the sole responsibility of the requester to interpret the results for their own personal purposes. WE PROVIDE NO GUARANTEES ON THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE TESTS, NOR RECOMMEND MATERIALS OR PRODUCTS FOR A SPECIFIC USE OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We can provide connection and/or recommendations to appropriate resources at NIOSH and the FDA, on a case by case basis.


Due to high-demand, lead-time for analysis may vary depending on the nature of tests requested, the origination of the request, and the number of other requests in the queue. Though we are unable to provide a specific turnaround time, our services are aimed at providing initial characterization results in less time than certified commercial testing facilities that require longer lead times as required for full certification purposes.

The costs for these testing services and lead times will be provided following as soon as you complete the questionnaire mentioned above (https://bit.ly/AFFOA_PPE_testing2).


Depending on the analysis requested, we will provide specific instructions on the preparation of your samples. However, we note here that no samples which may have been previously exposed to biological materials are acceptable for analysis. Unused and, preferably, unopened (if previously commercially packaged) samples are preferred. It is also preferred that materials have an accompanying SDS that can be shared prior to the performance of testing procedures.


If you are interested in having your materials and products analyzed, please fill out the following questionnaire and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible:


If you have any questions or have relevant testing capabilities and would like to partner with us, please reach out to Michael Rein, testing_PPE@affoa.org