Sensing Textiles for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring

Sensing Textiles for

Civil Infrastructure Monitoring



Executive Summary:

The goal of this project is to develop a civil infrastructure monitoring system that will allow monitoring of infrastructure in a proactive manner and enable damage detection to existing infrastructure in its early stages, thereby minimize maintenance costs, environmental impacts and disruptions to the population. In addition, this system would also help to detect adverse impact to existing civil infrastructure (buildings, pipelines, bridges & tunnels, rail lines) that can occur during trenchless operations that occur underground during installation of new structures (pipelines, tunnels) needed to support economic growth. In this project, sensing textiles will be developed for use in strain monitoring and/or crack detection in civil infrastructure, geotechnical structures, and composites with the primary focus in year one being civil infrastructure applications such as bridges, pipelines and tunnels. Commercially available sensing optical fibers will be used with commercially available interrogation technology. The optical fibers will be converted into wide area sensing textiles using Saint Gobain ADFORS`s proprietary fabric forming technology. Lab and in-field testing will be done at UMass Lowell and through application partners in the industry with whom close working relationships will be established to ensure that the solutions are validated by end customers from early stages of the development.