Come Build with Us, Become a member

If you are a US entity that designs, models, makes, measures, supplies or integrates fibers, yarns, fabrics and textile products or conducts research for defense and civilian applications, learn more below about how becoming a AFFOA member can support your industry and sector advance.


Lighten soldiers’ gear, enhance situational awareness on the battlefield, and decrease fratricide with functional fabrics

Consumer Products

Create high value-added products based on advanced woven & nonwoven technologies.


Commercialize smart clothes that can cool, change color, adjust size, last longer, mask or transmit odors, take photos, and so much more.

Consumer Electronics

Enable the “internet of wearables” transforming apparel into consumer electronics.


Join the wave of intelligent transportation systems with functional fabrics.

Venture Capital

Fund the coming surge of wearable products and startup ventures.

Medical Textiles & Scanners

Detect impending medical events and save lives with clothing

Manufacturing Machinery

Construct next-generation equipment & machinery to produce new fibers & textiles

Raw Materials

Supply advanced functional materials for fibers and fabrics.

Software & Databases

Combine IT with functional fabrics to streamline product development.

Architectural & Interior Textiles

Transform 'this old house' to monitor, act, and react all by itself.